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Building companies for a better future

PMA Group is developing companies for a better, sustainable future. We are passionately engaged in technology, education, and hospitality. 

VR Goggles


Developing technology for the travel and hospitality industries. 

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Developing and investing in hotels and real estate projects.

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Investing and advising start-ups and scale-ups.



Specialized travel tech advisory company based in Munich. Servicing tour operators, destination management companies, hotels and airlines with strategic advisory. 

Five star resort in Bodrum, Turkey located right on the Aegean coast with 700 metres of direct beach access, amazing landscapes and unique cuisine.

A shared service company, serving companies with an array of services, ranging from call centers, ecomerce services to digital marketing.

Investment and consultancy company based in Stockholm, with a strong strategic management advisory team. Wise Oak invests in early stage companies and supports them in their scale-up with strong corporate services.

An innovative deep data company with own proprietary technology  to turn mass data into commercial decision for ecommerce, fintech, traveltech and FMCG.

Automated video production technology designed to auto produce millions of videos out of still photos for the digital classifieds world.


PMA LABS is a cutting-edge data company that leads the way in tourism. With AI-powered analytical tools, they revolutionize mobile apps to boost user experiences, efficiency, and profitability.

Mobile education platform designed and developed for remote education for the hospitality industry.



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