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Ahmet Pandır

"I was shaped in the nineties watching MTV and playing street basketball in the northern parts of Europe, namely Sweden. Having listened to the best pop music ever, watched unforgettable movies on VHS, dressed in colourful baggy pants with an enormous amount of hair on my head, danced to trance music, and enjoyed amazing Swedish pizza. I had the best preparation to take on the journey I was about to embark"

My Journey


Early two thousand, I started my first "real" job with the American fund rating company Morningstar as a business analyst. In four years, I did not only learn what I know today about the fund industry, but this tenure shaped my approach to work and career. In less than two years, our legendary leadership team, led by example, created a genuinely leading fund rating company in Europe. I headed the UK and offshore markets data collection and daily NAV collection and processing unit.

Design & Advertisement

​In 2004 after a great time with Morningstar, I decided to move to my roots in Istanbul and work with a creative agency. Shortly after, I co-founded Turkey's first sole design agency with CB'a Design Solution of Paris.  I learned here that the world is not just stars and numbers; there is a lot more to explore, develop and build. The agency landed great clients like Nestle, Efes Pilsen, Cadbury, BiM, Ülker and many more.


Having learned the media landscape and having explored the explosion of free dailies in the world, I realised this would be a great adventure and pre-internet times, a social information project. Together with my partners, we founded the first free-daily newspaper in Turkey. It soon had the biggest print run in Istanbul, with over half a million copies printed every weekday and distributed in the mega-city.


After the newspaper years, the time had come to discover the travel industry and become the CEO of one of the leading tourism companies in Turkey, IQ Group. Later, the company was sold to Europe's third-largest travel company, the Germany-based FTI Group. I was appointed CEO of the newly launched Global Destination Management Company, Meeting Point International. For the following ten years, I worked in multiple C-level functions at FTI Group, with DMC, hotel management, tour operation, and travel tech. 

Consultancy and Investor

Today I am investing and holding several board positions in companies I am passionate about. This includes hotel management, travel tech, edutech, tech start-ups, scale-ups, and food tech. With the diversified background and skills I have accumulated, I enjoy building companies with amazing people, ideas, and communities for the future. 

Some Public Appearances

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