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Belconti Resort season opening 2024

Belconti Resort, the five star family resort in Belek, Antalya opened its doors for guests 1st of April. With a new General Manager, Mr. Erdal Çelik and Director of Sales & Marketing Mrs. Zuhal Kadakal.

Belconti has made several improvements to the hardware, refurbushing more than 100 rooms but the main investment is to be found in the service levels and the gastronomy fields.

The resort's new General Manager, Mr. Erdal Çelik, and Director of Sales & Marketing, Mrs. Zuhal Kadakal, have been instrumental in making these improvements. According to Ahmet Pandır, the resort is well-prepared for the upcoming season, and guests can expect to enjoy an amazing holiday experience with the highly improved service and gastronomy offerings.


About Belconti Resort

Nestled in the exquisite private tourism enclave of Belek, our hotel is a sanctuary where nature's beauty is meticulously preserved, offering you and your family an array of unforgettable privileges. With its verdant surroundings, azure waters, and a team of dedicated professionals, our retreat promises an unparalleled experience.

Since its inception in 1997, our hotel has undergone thoughtful renovations to meet our guests' evolving desires while steadfastly upholding our core values of environmental reverence and congenial service.

Boasting 596 uniquely appointed rooms, our hotel is equipped with versatile meeting spaces, ten professional-grade tennis courts, a regulation-size football field for training camps, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and a beloved mini club for our younger guests. Our commitment to conservation, alongside our array of dining establishments, bars, and the warm hospitality of our staff, ensures a smorgasbord of exclusive offerings to enhance your stay.


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