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PMA Group brings Phyron’s automated car video solution to Turkey and the UAE

Phyron’s AI driven video solution for automated video is rapidly gaining ground among European car dealers, marketplaces and software providers. The company has now signed an agency agreement with PMA Group to commercialise Phyron’s solution in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Founded in 2019, the innovative Swedish SaaS company provides a cutting edge solution for automated, large scale production of customized sales videos. The AI engine turns images, text, data and weblinks into quality videos highlighting each car’s best selling points, with the aim of improving the sales process and stock turnover. Unique videos for every car in stock to enhance the user experience and, ultimately, speed up the sale.

Co-Founder and global sales director Per Laredius stated that he is thrilled over the co-operation with PMA Group for the Turkish and UAE regions. As they have a well established business network in place, this will enable Phyron to swiftly enter these markets. Having hundreds of satisfied clients globally it is exciting to enter new markets with a dynamic local partner such as PMA.

PMA Group Chief Commercial Officer, Levent Pandır added that Phyron is an amazing tool for the Automotive market. As PMA Group we will offer Phyron to current and new clients in Turkey and the UAE regions. As PMA we offer the Phyron tools to our markets and target to build a healthy business.

About Phyron Software

Phyron is a Swedish SaaS company delivering a platform-independent solution for automated large-scale generation of videos through a cutting edge technology platform. The company was founded in Sweden by experienced martech innovators and entrepreneurs.

The software solution is universal, with no limitations regarding platforms or languages. To ensure the highest service level, we expand our market presence and services step by step.

About PMA Group

PMA Group is a Sweden/Turkey based investment and development company focusing on hospitality and services. PMA Group with its strong geographical base in Turkey and the middle-east helps European and Scandinavian innovative companies to expand their commercial base to the region.


Phyron Software

Co-Founder and global sales director Per Laredius

PMA Group

Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Levent Pandır

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