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PMA Founder Ahmet Pandir featured in Financial Magazine

PMA Group founder Mr. Ahmet Pandır was on the cover of PARA DERGISI, a weekly financial magazine in Türkiye. The article featured 24 key Turkish tourism profiles that are highly influential in global tourism.

The featured profiles all have a lengthy background in global tourism groups with proven success stories that the article aims to share with the business world as well as young tourism talents that wish to make their own in the tourism industry.

Mr. Pandir, that has been active within various fields of tourism, is lately focused on his latest venture that he started with former FTI Group CTO Mr. Torsten Lampe, namely PMA Partner, a Technology Advisory company for the tourism industry. PMA Partner advice tourism groups to select the best technology suited for their business models along with optimizing processes, onboarding mutual understandings, standardisation and integrations of multiple systems.

Author: Özlem Bayburs Published: 4th December, 2022

Publication: Para (Weekly Economy Magazine)


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