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PMA Group signs partnership with Veloxity for the Nordics

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Stockholm 9th March, 2022 -- PMA Group, a progressive investor and management consultancy company and Veloxity, a leading predictive data technology company signed an agreement to develop its commercial footprint in the Nordic markets.

PMA Group will work to establish the Veloxity proprietary technology solutions in the Nordic markets with special focus on the financial technologies, e-commerce, traveltech and FMCG industries where Veloxity has proven success from multiple markets.

We believe strongly in the cutting edge technology developed over the years by the highly experienced founder of Veloxity, Bahadir Kuru and his team. We see that the Nordic markets will have great value in integrating Veloxity in their tech-processes to optimize their data-2-commerce technologies. explains, Ahmet Pandır, Executive Chairman of PMA Group "

Ahmet Pandir

Bahadir Kuru, founder of Veloxity, “ It is of the utmost importance for Veloxity to find partners with a deep understanding of data driven technologies, well established business network and the capability to execute regardless of global uncertainties. With PMA Group, under the management of Ahmet Pandir, we are happy to say that we have found our perfect match for the Nordic markets. We have every confidence that technology ecosystem in the Nordic markets will greatly benefit from our partnership synergies”

Bahadir Kuru

About PMA Group |

PMA Group is a Stockholm, Sweden based investment and development company focusing on investment, advisory and business development. PMA Group with its strong footprint in Europe and middle-east supports companies to grow and develop to become leaders in their fields.

About Veloxity |

Veloxity is a predictive data technology company founded in Silicon Valley, California in 2013 and today operates from its offices in Los Angeles, Istanbul (R&D), Bogota and Dubai. Veloxity’s technology is based on creation of 1st party behavioural data from mobile devices and used for deciphering customer DNA to better serve consumer needs. Its suite of proprietary solutions is available for a wide range of industries including Banking, FMCG, Telecommunications, E-Commerce, Smart AdTech, Retail, Smartphone Companies, Municipalities, and Digital TV networks.

Contact PMA Group

Mr. Levent Pandır

Contact Veloxity

Mr. İlker Kurt


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