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PMA Partner awarded as travel technology integrator for Tourism 365

Press Release, 9th December 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE: With an in-depth knowledge of streamlining services and systems, PMA Partner has joined forced with Tourism 365, the Abu Dhabi-based tourism arm of ADNEC Group, to generate an innovative tech platform as part of their long-term strategic plan.

PMA Partner has implemented a comprehensive technology solution for Tourism 365, which operates across Capital Holidays, a tour operator, Capital Travel, a travel solutions provider, and Capital Experience, a full-service destination management company, under its tourism development umbrella. The business target is to have an eco-system of integrated tourism solutions, both operational and commercial, offering the utmost speed and efficiency across all operations. With this target at hand, Tourism 365 awarded the mission to PMA Partner, which offers a tailor-made-solution for all its technology needs.

The new platform will be at the core of Tourism 365’s business initiative and cater to a host of consumer and corporate needs, from sourcing to distribution. This will allow Tourism 365 and its brands to commercialise worldwide, offering a range of distinctive and innovative products to the industry.

Roula Jouny, CEO of Tourism 365 Group, commented, “Tourism 365 has witnessed a great deal of success since launchand thus have been seeking to expand our travel offerings to the international market as part of our overall business strategy. In order to deliver on our objectives, we required a technology solution provider and strategy advisor with a deep understanding of the global tourism industry that could take Tourism 365 to the next level and meet our ambitious targets. With its vast experience in providing tailor-made solutions for seamless integration, we are thrilled to work with PMA Partner on this exciting undertaking to ensure the highest efficiency and significant impact.”

Torsten Lampe, Co-Founder and Managing Director of PMA Partner said, “After many years of working with travel technologies,we have identified the pain points of integrated tourism companies and their technology challenges. PMA Partner’s mission is to make this complex world function with the highest efficiency and best cost. After assessing the goals of Tourism 365 and its subsidiaries, we could offer them a solution that would take them to the market in the fastest and most efficient way. We are excited to have been given this opportunity and to lead the way to the future of travel tech. Our diversified team of experts will deliver a tailor-made solution for Tourism 365 that will quickly position them as a leading tourism company.

Ahmet Pandir, Co-Founder and Chairman of PMA Partner continued, “Today many tourism companies are still running on legacy systems with highly manual processes, in a post-pandemic world where digitalisation and automation have been the key to compete, many companies must evaluate whether their current systems are fit to carry them into the future. With Tourism 365 we have the opportunity to start from scratch with a solution that, from the beginning, is built for today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Our solution will support the strategy of Tourism 365 and its subsidiaries to expand their footprint in the international markets.

From left to right: Charbel Barhouche (Head Business Development Tourism 365), Torsten Lampe (Managing Director PMA Partner), Lamia Azimi (Managing Director Capital Holidays), Roula Jouny (Chief Executive Officer Tourism 365), Ahmet Pandir (Chairman of PMA Partner), Yara El Dehni (Manager Product Development Etihad Holidays), Gurdeep Shinji (Manager Sales Etihad Holidays)

About Tourism 365

Tourism 365, the tourism arm of ADNEC Group, is a tourism development company focusing on leisure tourism in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The company was established in May 2021 to position Abu Dhabi as the region’s foremost destination for tourism andact as the channel through which ADNEC’s tourism strategy, along with its strategic initiatives, would be developed and implemented. Tourism 365 aims to paves the way for the growth of the travel and tourism industry in Abu Dhabi, with an objective to increase the overall number of visitors to the capital. Its mission is to create a sustainable, vibrant and financially attractive tourism sector in Abu Dhabi, through a diversified portfolio of businesses that promote tourism and are capable of facilitating the growth of the tourism industry in Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole.

About PMA Partner

PMA Partner is a Munich based advisory company with offices in Munich, Stockholm and Istanbul, specialising in the vertical oftravel technologies.The company is enabling touristic companies to get to the next level of technologies to be fit for the future of the ever-changing travel industry. PMA Partner supports its client in assessing, evaluating, selecting and integrating best-in-class technology solutions tailor-made for their client’s commercial objectives. With adiversified team of experts, that constantly strives to work closely with its clients to ensure every single process is performed with efficiency, digitalisation and automation as fundamental. The team with decades of experience in tourism, process management and IT, are aware of the pain points of the travel industry and work to optimize processes across the whole value chain of the tourism industry such as; Tour Operators, Destination Management Companies (DMC), Aviation Companies and Hospitality companies.


PMA Partner Media Contact

Patricia Weber

Tel +49 172 388 7337


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