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UTE Akademi goes B2B

September 18, 2022 Eskişehir, Türkiye

UTE Akademi, Turkey's first remote hospitality education platform launched it's B2C platform on September 18, 2022. The platform is developed in-house and features an array of new functions that will be rolled over Q4 and the first quarter of next year.

UTE Akadami Co-Founder and Board Member Ahmet Pandır expressed his pride over this achivement. "Our co-founder Ilker has led the development of our brand new B2C platform that will allow UTE Akademi courses to a much broader public. The new technology allows us to add more interactive and dynamic content as well as additional features that will be revealed later in the roll-out. UTE Akademi has since it's start always strived to have the highest quality academic content coupled with the highest quality production techniques and will continue to do so. More news will come over the next months that will be ground breaking for the industry and allow a more holistic approach to education. Education is in constant improvement and we as a company has as a core to always embrace this, our new platform will include features that brings learning forward and not only be video or text based. Our aim of adding value to the hospitality industry is just getting better", Pandir continues.

The new platform is launched and is located at

About UTE Akademi

The remote hospitality education platform UTE Akademi is first of its kind. All academic curriculum and video content are produced by UTE Akademi inhouse teams. PMA Group along with Toplar Group are the lead investors in the edtech platform developed by Prof. Dr Aydın Ziya Özgür and Dr İlker Kayabaş based out out of ATAP Teknopark at Anadolu University in Eskisehir.

More information can be reached at or by contacting the co-founder Prof. Dr Aydın Ziya Özgür.


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