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Your Service Partner in the Destination

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Engaging customers and improving revenue

Travel and leisure companies face a growing number of challenges, including disruptive new competitors, a severe global talent shortage, fickle customer loyalty and eroding brand equity and increased customer expectations. There is also the need to create a unique and differentiated product in a highly commoditized and digitized “me-too” market. Guide-24 is here to provide your company an easy way to handle your core business while Guide-24 orchestrates solutions that include reservations, customer service, inside sales, on demand guide service, complaints handling and administration. With our highly skilled and experienced staff with many years in the travel industry, Guide-24 offers a one-stop solution for partners worldwide. Using state of the art technical solutions, we help our partners with day to day administration and customer contacts so they can concentrate on their core business. Guide-24 will deliver richer insights, increased profitability and drives better and personalized customer experiences that lead to accelerated revenue growth and improved profitability.

Customer service

Our experienced staff with many years in the travel industry handle all customer contacts via voice, chat, social media and email. Our contact center staff speak several languages and can give service to most customers in their mother tongue. Continuous training in customer service, technology, and destination knowledge, Guide-24 is an outstretched hand of your company.

Customer Service Rep
Guide online
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Guide-24 offers the next generation of guide services at the destination. Today most of the tour operators have a great number of guides at the destination. Every year there is an extremely time-consuming recruitment and training procedure before all guides are sent to different destinations. One big challenge in this old and outdated workflow is that guides that do not meet the expectations need to be replaced and new guides need to be recruited and trained. Guides are sent to hotels in hope of customers visiting the guides at a certain time of the day and buy an excursion. Guide-24 meet the on-demand service mentality where our online guides can serve your customers via voice and direct video call. Via our state of the art video service, your customers can get personal guide service anytime and anywhere they wish, our service will improve the customer experience greatly and lead to more sales and revenue growth. 

After sales

After sales is becoming more and more important in an environment where keeping up the pace with disruptive competition requires new and improved services. Guide-24 offers a broad range of ready to sell excursions for your customers. You concentrate on your core business, we make sure your customers are satisfied and enjoy their vacation.

Customer Service
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We handle your time consuming administration like lists to airlines and hotels or any other time consuming but extremely important tasks. Guide-24 will take care of your administration and make sure all tasks are handled efficiently, on time.

Lead Generation

Do you want to expand your business? We help our partners creating new leads and business opportunities B2C and B2B. With our extensive network and deep knowledge in the industry and target markets, we help our partners creating new business and expand current market share. At Guide-24 we help our partners with opening new markets, setting up sales channels and establishing direct contact with groups and organizations. Our services include flight, accommodation, handling, marketing, sales channels and direct B2C sales. Contact us for a free initial brief.  

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